Premium Paint

CHC is proud to offer a selection of Premium Paints for our entire cabinet line. Now you can have a quality 'semi-custom' Raleigh, Charlotte, or Salem cabinet, and add a feature that is typically only available from a high-end custom cabinetmaker. Who wouldn't want to have the best of both worlds...ESPECIALLY at a significantly lower price point?

There are nine custom colors in the selection. With a variety of glazes and rub-throughs for each color, this gives you a terrific selection to choose from. Consider mixing and matching the colors in the same space for a truly unique & fun effect. How about a Kennebunk Green kitchen, and a Leen island with a dark rub-through? Or perhaps a 'stock' Charlotte kitchen, and an island of Cobalt Black with a dark rub-through? The possibilites are nearly endless.

Contact us today to let us help you design YOUR perfect space. If you can dream it, we can do it...with a unique color scheme on top of a quality Carolina Heartwood Cabinetry product!!


                                    View the Premium Paints Gallery:

                                    Bright White

                                    Cobalt Black

                                    Kennebunk Green


                                    Pirate Coast

                                    Heavy Metal

                                    Smoked Oyster


                                    Champagne Dance